May 3, 2013

Day Tres: A Day In The Life

It's day 3 of "Blog Every Day in May" and the topic is a day in the life. I'm going to stop you right there and tell you up front that my life is extremely boring so as a result, this post might be a little dull. But hey, if you read my blog already, that means you're well aware of this fact and continue to read anyways. And for that, I love you. You are awesome.

Moving on... my typical day starts with pressing the snooze button a few times. I usually manage to pull myself out of bed around 7:15. I find some breakfast (typically something unhealthy that shouldn't be consumed for breakfast) and eat outside so Harley can run around and play before I go to work. Next i have to "get ready". I don't really "get ready" on a daily basis since I work alone. I throw on the cleanest jeans I can find and put my hair up in a ponytail. Don't judge me. I get to work around 8:30 and start my super exciting job of running a pest control office. I do that until about 12:45 which is when I head to a different office to help run a landscaping company my boss also owns. I get off at 3 and run home to give Harley some attention. Once Harley has received enough love, I go to my second job at Sweet Cakes Cafe to bake. That's actually a lot of fun and we work anywhere from two hours to eight hours depending on the workload and any special orders that are placed. At this point, I should go to bed as soon as I get off of work, but I usually find something else to do with friends like country swing dancing or going to the movies (we went to Iron Man 3 last night and it was fantastic). I crawl into bed around 1:30 and regret staying up so late, but I end up doing it all again the next day.

If you're still reading, thanks for being so interested in my life. Sort of creepy, but in a good way. Tonight's activity that will keep me up way too late is driving to Yuma right after work and seeing Jimmy! And then driving home... that part might not be so fun, but it will be worth it! Then you guys won't have to hear me countdown to the concert anymore. I'll just start counting down to Disneyland instead.


  1. hahah I'm dying because my next exciting thing after Jimmy is....disneyland!! When are you going?? I'll be there next Friday (1 week from today). Also, I got invited to see Iron Man 3 at 9pm last night by my friend Luke....any chance that's the group you went with? we live the same life?

  2. Katilda told me to blog stalk you because we're going to be BFFs in Disneyland next weekend. Plus also, you're a designer and you make cookies all the time and those are on my list of top favorite things ever. So, yes.
    Also, your life sounds a lot like mine. (but with less cookies, sadly) But really, every morning I think "Why did I stay up that late?" and every night I think "well, if I don't go do these awesome things how will I ever get married? Obviously sleep is for when I have children." Ha.

    1. i cannot wait to be bffs in disneyland! only five more days. :)

  3. love this cute little animated cookie thing. :)

    now I have to go make cookies...


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