May 31, 2013

day thirty-one: #bedm comes to an end

i did it.
 you guys must be oh so proud of me... even if some of the content sucked.
here are some of my favorite posts that resulted from this challenge:
also, i started a series. yeah, bet you didn't know that since i didn't really point it out. it's called #typethenthink and i post every thursday. you can see those here, here, and here.


  1. This is a wonderful blog site. Haha I know how hard it can be to post every day. I joined a community where we blog about what we are doing to succeed in life. I love it, it is called Early To Rise or as I know it ETR. I bet Disney land was fun! I cam to comment through a contest that is going on right now for a beautiful necklace but I am glad they had me comment your site is wonderful. Keep up the great job!


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