May 19, 2013

day nineteen: friends

meet my best friends:
numero uno is jenna.
jenna has always been my bestie. she's now married and extremely prego, but even though our lives are at different points, we're still close friends. she even let's me crash at her house when i go to saint johns. i'm anxiously counting down the days until little tycie shea will join her family (june 17th can't come fast enough).
number two is hannah.
let me start off by saying hannah is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. she will do just about anything for you. and that's why i love her so. also because we plan to grow old and become crazy cat ladies together. my life wouldn't be the same without my dear hannah.
number three is liz.
this girl is hilarious. she's always the life of the party. i mostly keep her around to entertain me. and we're going to rent a house together... so she can entertain me at all time. i love this girl.
i'm so lucky to have these three in my life as well as so many other good friends and examples. they make me better and i'm so happy that they put up with me.

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