May 4, 2013

Day 4: Jimmy Eat World

Today's topic for #bedm is not suppose to be about Jimmy Eat World, but that's what I'm changing it to because the concert last night was fantastic! I'm so glad I was able to take the three hour drive to Yuma with the fabulous Katie and her friends. It was definitely worth making the trip to that little dinky town and standing too close to people I didn't know and being drenched in sweat that was not my own just to be able to stand not even five feet from the band. It. Was. Amazing.

Head on over here to read Katie's hilarious take on the concert.

I stole three of the four pictures from Katie because my phone died. I was not prepared. I did take a 30 second video of "Hear You Me" before the battery life was completely gone. Once I figure out how to get that off my phone, I'll post it.

PS - Tonight is the second AZ Blogger Meet-Up which is being held at The Duce and I'm super excited! I love mingling with other bloggers.

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