May 8, 2013

Day 8: First Job

Day eight of #bedm. Today I get to tell you about my first job. It was quite glamorous and I was rolling in the dough... okay, not really. Unless you want to count lemonade stands, my first job was as a secretary in my high school front office. The last two hours of my school day I had a "release period" where I would go sit in the office and mess around. I mean, occasionally I would work, but it was mostly just hanging out, making copies, and answering phones. I made a whopping $7.25/hour and usually got ten hours a week. Talk about a high roller. It really was a great learning experience and I loved the ladies I worked with. I count myself lucky that I had a decent first job.

I know someone out there has a horror story of a first job. Please share.

1 comment:

  1. haha ok well I actually liked my first job in a snow cone shack in a parking lot, but after that I worked at coldstone and....$5.15 an hour...managers spied on us from the parking lot across the eye is twitching...


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