March 13, 2013

Recognizing The Obvious

There's not many times when I'm in the mood to just sit down and write. I usually wait until I have a story to tell before I attempt to put something down on paper. But today, I have an unusual want to write. About nothing. So write I will.

Sometimes, I think words sit and bounce around, trapped in my head. It's not often enough that I stop to realize what they're saying. Today I'm recognizing those thoughts. They're happy thoughts. Thankful thoughts. Gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all the opportunities I've been presented. They're hopeful thoughts. About the future and exciting things that are in the works. They're brave thoughts. Of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying news things. Of constantly striving to become a better person.

I am happy. I am blessed. And I don't take enough time to simply recognize this.
So what was the point of this post? Well there wasn't really one. And it's my blog so I can do what I want.

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