March 18, 2013

Personal High Five

Remember this post when I got a calling for showing up to FHE for the first time ever all for the sake of possibly seeing that hot guy I was into? I'm here to report it was so worth it. Do you recall last week when I blogged about going on that awesome date with a certain young man I had been eyeing? Well guess what. It was the same exact guy, that's what.

There may have been a few more dates since then as well. If he somehow stumbles across my blog, I will die (I didn't use his name so he'll obviously be clueless I'm writing about him, right?). He'll have to understand, it's what the people want. Plus, if he somehow finds my blog, that means he was virtually stalking the crap out of me so we'll both be at fault. Leverage.

1 comment:

  1. haha I am always wary of blogging about boys because I feel confident they'll find me and figure it out. So I usually just compromise by only saying positive things if I do blog about them, and never use real, right? Also, way to work it.


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