March 11, 2013

A certain young man...

Single's wards suck. There's no arguing that. Most activities feel like a ruse to marry you off to the first available RM.


But instead of dwelling on the awfulness of it all, I try to find the humor. I do have quite a few awkward stories from my time so far that I treasure and have won over a number of stalkers. See? Single's wards are great (that's heavy sarcasm if you're not picking it up).

In all seriousness, I benefited greatly from being in a single's ward this weekend. I've had my eye on a certain young man for quite sometime and on Saturday, he took me out. We went to an indoor rock climbing gym and then out to eat at Oreganos. I had the greatest time and it may have changed my opinion towards single's wards (if only a little bit).

Here's to hoping that my single's ward experience continues to be awesome.

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