February 23, 2013

Blogger Meet-Up at Sweet Cakes Cafe

You guys! (and in ''you guys'' I mean the five people that actually read my blog). I had the most fantastic time last night! I was able to go to a blogger meet-up at Sweet Cakes Cafe. It was a blast to finally meet some of the people I blog stalk. Now I don't feel so creepy pretending I'm best friends with people I've never met. Big thanks go out to Katie and Camille for putting it together! And a huge thanks to Sweet Cakes Cafe for staying open late just for us and for all the yummy treats!

If you haven't been to Sweet Cakes, you need to go! Seriously. As in right now. It's in Mesa on Main Street and Center right across from Milano's, next to the Mesa Arts Center. It can easily be made into a nice little day date. Go like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. And my friend Hannah works there so make sure to say hi to her when you go!

I'll post pictures of the blogger meet-up soon.


  1. Hey alicia! I am Brittany! I wish i coulda went to the blogger meet up at sweet cakes! sounds like fun was had by all! I now follow your blog and would love to swap buttons furevverr! and p.s. i love croissants too! ah!

    1. We plan on having another one in May I think. I hope you're able to come to that one!!

  2. sweet! I hope so too..depends on the location, transportation and one other factor! lol

  3. I need you to know that all that DP I drank at the end of the night kept me up until 2am, all caffeinated and jittery. haha. But it was fantastic to be real-life friends!

  4. hope it went well! ohhhh sweet cakes I love you! best sugar cookies ever!!!!


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