December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

I love Christmas.

Unfortunately when you live in the valley of the sun, the freakishly warm weather makes it hard to remember that it's the holiday season. Also, my lack of funds for a Christmas tree. I need snow and Christmas music and hot chocolate. Not swimsuit weather and a barren studio apartment.

So to create the illusion of the holidays for myself, I found my Justin Bieber Christmas CD and pulled out my meager craft supplies. Time to channel my inner Martha Stewart to deck out my apartment. Maybe I'll even bake something festive?... better not push it. I most definitely need to find some mistletoe to hang, can't pass up that ingenious tradition (seriously, who invented that?).

And to help you get in the Christmas spirit, here's a fabulous video:

Kid in the lovely holiday sweater, can we be best friends?

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