August 1, 2018


Welcome to the good, the bad, and what's been on my brain for the month of July.

+I announced my pregnancy! It's always such a relief to let everyone know and not have to try so hard to hide my ever present nausea. Haha. But also, more importantly, to share in the excitement with all of our friends and loved ones. We are so lucky to have so many supportive people in our lives. We can't wait to have this baby join us the end of January!
+We went to Disneyland twice as a family this month and had so much fun. On our last trip, Taylor was finally tall enough to ride Radiator's Springs Racer in Cars Land. The not so good part was Taylor was terrified. I really thought he would love it. Regardless, the rest of our day was fun.
+Andrew's parents were in the area for a conference so they got to come over to see us every night. We just wish they could have been here longer.
+Andrew turned 32. A few days before his birthday I surprised him with dinner at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant that overlooks the Pirates of the Caribbean ride). Andrew has always wanted to eat there and it was extremely delicious.

+We attempted potty training. We made it about two days before I gave up. Taylor just has no interest. I might try again soon. Someone convince me that we can do it.
+I've been on Zofran for nausea which doesn't completely take away all the sickness that comes with pregnancy, but it definitely takes the edge off. There was about a week where I was without Zofran and it was completely miserable. It definitely made me appreciate my Zofran even more.
+Pregnancy is just a lot of lying around and letting the kids watch movies all day. I feel pretty unproductive and each day melts into the next until the whole month has gone by in a blur.

O N  M Y  B R A I N
+When will I feel like a normal person again? With Taylor and Olive, I had nausea until about 20 weeks. So I guess only like 6 weeks until it subsides? Hopefully? I'm just tired of being a boring mom that lays on the couch all day while the kids watch far too much TV. I'm also tired of being tired, but pretty sure that's not going away for the remainder of my life.
+Are Taylor and Olive getting a little brother or little sister? I'm so curious. I'm pretty convinced that it's a boy, but that probably makes it even more likely that it's a girl.

July 30, 2018

A Teeny Tiny Announcement

Oh. Hey there. Just wanted to pop in with some exciting news. If you haven't seen on Instagram or Facebook yet, I'm pregnant! I'm nearing 14 weeks and this baby is set to arrive around January 30th. We're so excited to add another Snow Baby to our circus.

July 6, 2018


June has gone by so fast and kind of in a blur. I had a hard time writing this up simply because I couldn't remember too many stand-out moments for either the good or bad category - it was just an average month going through the motions. This is what I put together to remember the good, the bad, and what's been on my brain in the month of June.

+The beginning of the month we decided to make a surprise trip back to Arizona. We didn't tell anyone and it was so fun to see everyone's reactions to us showing up unexpectedly. This was the only out-of-the-ordinary thing we did in June. I need to write up a blog post about our trip because we stayed for an entire week and we had so much fun.
+Stephanie and crew were in AZ as well so the kids had a blast with their Steed cousins. If only our Seattle Snows and Aunt Michelle could have been there too!
+We had our first visitors come stay with us in California. My cousin Natalie and her sister-in-law Amanda came and went to Disneyland. I even got to go on my first solo trip to the park one night while they were here. It was so fun to have visitors. If anyone needs a CA vacation, please come stay with us!
+Olive had a doctor's appointment. Maybe this shouldn't be in the good category because Olive hates the doctor's office (I honestly think she has harbored memories of her stay in the hospital at 5 weeks which makes her distrust anyone with a stethoscope), but it was so nice to find a good doctor in a new place. Finding a pediatrician can be hard, but we lucked out on our first try.
+The kids are getting so big and independent. The other day I realized that I now have complete conversations with Taylor. It's so nice to be able to communicate with someone in the house during the day.

+I've haven't been the funnest mom as of late. We've watched way too many movies when I should have taken them to the park instead.
+I can't really think of anything else to put in the bad category which is great. It was a pretty average month with most of my memories coming from our trip to AZ.

O N  M Y  B R A I N
+I'm thinking about potty training Taylor. He really doesn't want to, but he's getting old and I'm getting tired of having two in diapers. Send good potty training vibes my way.
+I was called as a counselor in the Stake Primary Presidency. I don't really know what I'm doing yet and I feel so unqualified to have this calling. I felt this way when I was called into the Relief Society Presidency in my last ward and that turned out okay, so I'll hold out hope that I can manage this calling just the same.
+The recent revelation of the families that are being separated as they cross the border legally seeking asylum has consumed my thoughts as of late. I realize that the policy has been reversed, but thousands of families are still separated. To think that babies Olive's age are without their mother, and children Taylor's age are being held in cages and sleeping with foil safety blankets on the ground - it just breaks my heart. The thing is though, you don't even have to have any kids of your own to feel some sort of sympathy towards what's happening. It's an unimaginable injustice to permanently effect the mental health and progress of such small children. Before you classify them as immigrants, or illegal aliens, or however you want to justify it, remember that there is something that unifies us all. We're all humans. Let's show kindness and compassion to our fellow humans. And let's give this administration hell until every family is reunited.
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